ODF/OSFM fire report for Sept. 17, 2021

September 17, 2021

Full size resolution ODF/OSFM fire report map

National:  Preparedness Level 5 (Geographic areas competing for wildland fire suppression resources. Majority of national resources committed. Three or more geographic areas with large, complex fires.)

Number of fires Acres burned
Total to date  44,968 5,587,152


Oregon:  Preparedness Level 4.

Only ODF-protected lands (16 million acres)
  Number of fires Acres burned
2021 year-to-date  1,051 226,222
10-year avg. year-to-date (2011 – 2020) 855 94,754


All lands in Oregon (Includes ODF-protected lands)
  Number of fires Acres burned
2021 year-to-date 1,780 802,415


Current large fires in Oregon: Includes all lands

Name Date Total Acres  ODF Acres Containment Location Cause Notes
Cougar Peak Sept. 7, 2021 87,755 31,783 6% 15 miles NW of Lakeview Unknown NW IMT 8
Fire information
Crews today will focus on patrolling and mopping up along all fire lines. Periodic spotting off the E flank continues. Strategic burnouts will be used to improve black line around fire. Snags and green fire-damaged trees contribute to spotting and are a safety hazard for firefighters. Area and road closures remain in effect. Fire is on the FremontWinema NF and private lands.
Devils Knob Complex Aug. 3, 2021 67,710 1,415 49% 30 miles SE of Roseburg Unknown RM IMT 1
Fire information
Firing, holding and mop up operations continue on the Smith Fire to increase black line around perimeter. Structural protection resources remain in place in Ash Valley, located off the E flank of Smith. On the Big Hamlin Fire, crews are patrolling and mopping up, and continuing suppression repair projects. Evacuation advisories remain in effect, as are road and area closures. The complex located on the Umpqua NF and private lands.
Rough Patch Complex July 29, 2021 48,237 291 36% 26 miles SE of Cottage Grove Unknown GB IMT 2
Fire information
Increased fire behavior expected today as cold front approaches, and crews continued burning out fuel pockets inside fire line on N flank of Chaos Fire. Blasting operations along SE flank of Little Bend Fire are removing hazard trees. Road and area closures remain in effect. The complex is located on the Umpqua NF and private lands.
Jack July 5, 2021 24,164 81 55% 20 miles E of Glide Human GB IMT 2
Fire information
Fire lines are holding around Jack, but an active pocket of heavy fuel is burning out off the SE flank of the Buckhead Fire. Helicopters with buckets are keeping the fire intensity down. The Jack Fire is part of Rough Patch Complex on Umpqua NF. Private lands affected.
Middle Fork Complex July 29, 2021 30,139 0 37% 9 miles N of Oakridge Unknown NW IMT 6
Fire information
Mop up, suppression repair and slash removal projects continue on the Gales Fire. Fire activity is moderate with torching and short-range spotting. Road and area closures in effect. The complex is located on the Willamette NF.
Bull Complex Aug. 3, 2021 21,191 0 15% 12 miles NE of Detroit Unknown NW IMT 13
Fire information
Moderate growth was reported along N flank, and along the S flank the fire was closing in on Gold Butte LO. Suppression repair operations underway on SE, E and N flanks ahead of rainstorm this weekend. Road and area closures remain in effect. The fire is within the Bull of the Woods Wilderness on the Mt Hood NF and lands in the north end of the Willamette NF.
Big Meadow Sept. 9, 2021 2,633 1,033 60% 10 miles N of Riley Lightning NW IMT 7
Fire information
Interior fuels continue to burn out, and crews are gridding and mopping up to deepen blackline. Area and road closures in effect. The fire is located on Malheur NF and private lands.


Oregon State Fire Marshal Current Mobilization Report
Conflagration Name Date Began Structures Threatened/Destroyed Status
No OSFM IMT mobilizations in effect
Active Incident Totals N/A 0/0 N/A


More information

  • A Red Flag Warning is in effect today for gusty winds and low humidity in SE Oregon. A wet cold front will move into the state late today, bringing gusty S/SW winds to the coast and areas east of the Cascades. Temps will drop and RH shall rise, and rain will start late Friday along the coastal strip, hit the valleys west of the Cascades by early Saturday morning, and broaden into central and eastern Oregon thereafter. Thunderstorms possible late Saturday over the Cascades north of the Rogue-Umpqua Divide.