ODF/OSFM fire report for Aug. 23, 2021

August 23, 2021

Full size resolution ODF/OSFM fire situation report map

National:  Preparedness Level 5 (Geographic areas competing for wildland fire suppression resources. Majority of national resources committed. Three or more geographic areas with large, complex fires.)

Number of fires Acres burned
Total to date  41,197 4,575,051


Oregon:  Preparedness Level 5.

Only ODF-protected lands (16 million acres)
  Number of fires Acres burned
2021 year-to-date  911 188,656
10-year avg. year-to-date (2011 – 2020) 693 53,633


All lands in Oregon (Includes ODF-protected lands)
  Number of fires Acres burned
2021 year-to-date 1,570 619,243


Current large fires in Oregon: Includes all lands

Name Date Total Acres ODF Acres  Containment Location Cause Notes
Fox Complex Aug. 13, 2021 9,771 1,243 52% 14 miles W of Lakeview Unknown ODF IMT 3
Fire information
Burnout operation on north flank of Patton Meadow Fire was completed over the weekend. Crews today will be mopping up the southern end of the fire and letting the northern end naturally burn out. Moderate fire behavior. Structures threatened and evacuation notices remain in effect but will be reviewed today.
Devils Knob Complex Aug. 3, 2021 23,575 1,387 25% 30 miles SE of Roseburg Unknown GB IMT 2
Fire information
Active fire behavior. Timber resources and structures threatened. Evacuations in effect. Road, trail and area closures. Florida Forest Service Red IMT assumes command of the complex tomorrow.
Rough Patch Complex July 29, 2021 22,646 0 3% 26 miles SE of Cottage Grove Unknown GB IMT 2
Fire information
Active fire behavior. Timber. Road, trail and area closures. Fires located on Umpqua NF.
Jack July 5, 2021 23,787 81 51% 20 miles E of Glide Unknown GB IMT 2
Fire information
Moderate fire behavior. Timber. Road, trail and area closures. Located on Umpqua NF and private land.
Middle Fork Complex July 29, 2021 15,615 0 10% 9 miles N of Oakridge Unknown NW IMT 13
Fire information
Located on Willamette NF. Timber. Structures threatened. Evacuations in effect. Road, trail and area closures.
Black Butte Aug. 3, 2021 22,348 587 85% 25 miles S of Unity Lightning NW IMT 6
Fire information
Fire is located on Malheur NF and private lands. Minimal fire behavior. Mop up, patrol and equipment backhaul operations underway. Road, trail and area closures. Transfer back to local unit planned for 8/25 at 0600.
Bull Complex Aug. 3, 2021 6,672 0 0% 12 miles NE of Detroit Unknown GB IMT 4
Fire information
Rain on Friday and cooler temps over weekend caused fire behavior to moderate significantly. Indirect fire line construction underway. Timber and watershed resources threatened. Road, area and trail closures. Complex is located in Bull of the Woods Wilderness on the Mt Hood NF.
Skyline Ridge Complex Aug. 1, 2021 5,758 5,760 94% 5 miles E of Canyonville Lightning Type 3 IMT
Fire information
The IMT is comprised of local DFPA and BLM personnel. Mop up, patrol and equipment backhaul ops underway.
Knoll Aug. 5, 2021 544 0 100% 7 miles NE of McKenzie Bridge Lightning Type 4 IMT Fire information
Patrol status. The fire is located on the Willamette NF.


Oregon State Fire Marshal Current Mobilization Report
Conflagration Name Date Began Structures Threatened/Destroyed Status
Patton Meadow (Fox Complex) 8/13/2021 248 threatened/4 destroyed OSFM resources transitioned to home agencies. Last report.
Active Incident Totals   248 threatened/4 destroyed  


More information

  • Below normal temps and cloud cover dominated much of northwestern Oregon over the weekend. Some precipitation fell in the Cascades north of the Umpqua Divide. Today, cloudy and cool weather will dominate the west side while east side skies will be clear with moderately breezy conditions.
  • Nationally, 93 large fires and complexes have burned 2,503,430 acres. The Little Sleep Fire near Wanblee, South Dakota reported extreme fire behavior yesterday. Large fires in northern California continued to burn actively with most of them gaining thousands of acres. More than 26,000 fire personnel are assigned to incidents across the country.