ODF/OSFM fire report for Aug. 4, 2021

August 4, 2021

Full size resolution ODF/OSFM fire situation report map

National: Preparedness Level 5 (Geographic areas competing for wildland fire suppression resources. Majority of national resources committed. Three or more geographic areas with large, complex fires.)

Number of fires Acres burned
Total to date 38,447 3,279,393


Oregon: Preparedness Level 5.

Only ODF-protected lands (16 million acres)
Number of fires Acres burned
2021 year-to-date 691 179,431
10-year avg. year-to-date (2011 – 2020) 520 24,878


All lands in Oregon (Includes ODF-protected lands)
Number of fires Acres burned
2021 year-to-date 1,292 512,767


Current large fires in Oregon: Includes all lands

Name Date Total Acres ODF Acres Containment Location Cause Notes
Skyline Ridge Complex Aug. 1, 2021 550 20 0% 5 miles E of Canyonville Lightning ODF IMT 1
Fire information
Twenty-four fires are in the complex, and are affecting private, BLM and USFS lands. Biggest fires are Poole Creek (500-700 ac), O’Shea Creek (100 ac) and Ikes Butte (40-60 ac). Structures threatened, evacuation advisories issued.
Rough Patch Complex July 27, 2021 720 0 1% 19 miles N of Glide Lightning NW IMT 13
Fire information
Forty-one fires are in the complex, and fires are affecting USFS and private lands. Red Flag Warning in effect for fire area today. Most fires were in mop up and/or patrol status. IMT is also managing Jack Fire.
Middle Fork Complex July 29, 2021 1,707 0 5% Willamette NF, 9 miles N of Oakridge Unknown NW IMT 9
Fire information
Twelve fires are in this complex. The largest are Gales (1,818 ac), Nine Mile (185 ac) and Kwis (334 ac), which is the fire closest to Oakridge. Burnout operations yesterday added to acreage on largest fires.
Aug. 3,
100+ 8 0% 30 miles SE of Roseburg Unknown Type 3 IMT
Forty-five fires in complex. NW IMT 8 in-briefed yesterday to take over complex.
Bootleg July 6, 2021 413,765 153,697 84% 15 miles NW of Beatty Lightning AK IMT 1
Fire information
Pockets of unburned fuel on the fire’s interior flared up yesterday as 25 mph winds whipped through the region. Good progress was reported on holding all fire lines. Red Flag Warning for gusty winds and low RH in effect today.
Jack July 5, 2021 23,182 81 77% 20 M East of Glide Unknown NW IMT 13
Fire information
Jack Fire is administratively included in the Rough Patch Complex. No problems reported.
Elbow Creek July 15, 2021 22,960 14,452 95% 31 miles SE of Walla Walla WA Unknown Type 3 IMT
Fire information
Minimal fire behavior.
Cottonwood Creek July 30, 2021 159 159 50% 5 miles S of Fossil Lightning Type 3 IMT
Minimal fire behavior.
Applegate/Foots Complex July 30, 2021 50+ 0 0% Jackson and Josephine counties Lightning Type 3 IMT
Fire information
Sixty-six lightning-caused fires have struck ODF-protected, BLM and USFS lands in SW Oregon. Largest fires are Buck Rock (17 ac) and Round Top (23 ac), both located in northern Jackson County.
Black Butte Aug. 3, 2021 500 0 1% 25 miles S of Unity Lightning Type 4 IMT
Fire located on Malheur NF and is affecting range lands. Grass and brush. Type 3 IMT inbriefing today.
Big Hamlin Aug. 1, 2021 100 0 0% 6 miles SE of Tiller Lightning Type 4 IMT
Located on Umpqua NF. Structures and private land threatened. Fire is being managed by Devils Knob Complex.


Oregon State Fire Marshal Conflagration Report
Conflagration Name Date Began Structures Threatened/Destroyed Status
Jack Fire 7/6/2021 Demobed
Bootleg Fire 7/7/2021 137 threatened/

408 destroyed

Elbow Creek Fire 7/16/2021 6 destroyed Demobed
Totals 137 threatened/414 destroyed

More information

  • Red Flag Warning in effect for south-central and a portion of SW Oregon. Hot, dry and unstable air conditions may cause erratic fire behavior. Fuels are critically dry and long-range spotting possible. A weather change this evening may bring lightning back to SW, Central and NE Oregon.